Reduce operating expenses and increase profits with automated telematics, supported vehicle fleet maintenance management software and vehicle tracking solutions. Switch to the cloud for cost-effective, web-based wireless fleet management that supports. Wiman offers fleet management solutions and information services designed to meet the needs of fleets of all sizes, with a variety of operational challenges. Our solutions use sophisticated information technology, but are easy to implement and use.

Fuel costs – Our fuel management system includes tools such as Performance Monitoring with Fuel Manager to help you track vehicle and driver performance and generate reports and analytical data to help you make the best decisions about fuel management.

Safety and compliance – By keeping electronic driver logs, your drivers can operate more efficiently and you can avoid possible fines or safety audits. You can also identify and improve unsafe driving with our Critical Event Reporting and Performance Monitoring applications.

Manage assets – Wiman fleet management software make sure you stay on top of vehicle maintenance and safety. Keeping a close eye on your vehicles with our fleet management applications can help you reduce overall operating costs while increasing your fleet’s efficiency and profits.