Reduce operating expenses and increase profits with automated telematics, which is an electronic device installed in a vehicle that transfers all relevant information from vehicle to the fleet management center. The track protocol supports wide verity of reporting events includes emergency, s emergency, geo-fence boundary crossing, geo-zone entry/exit, entry/exit, low battery, battery, fuel level, level, i/o interface.

Track Information Gives the Answer for

  • Current location of the Vehicle?
  • Vehicle Performance?
  • Fuel theft or Status?
  • Speed of the vehicle?
  • How many Kilometers away?
  • Overall Efficiency?
  • How must time Idle, stop?

Uses of Vehicle Tracking System:

  • Central monitoring and control
  • Easily locating and engaging Vehicles
  • Prevention of losses, immobilization control
  • Automatic Geo-zone, Geo-fence Alerts
  • Idle Vehicle Alerts, Tamper Alerts
  • Ensure optimal utilization of Fleets
  • Vehicle Performance Analysis
  • Helps in Emergency situation

Vehicle and asset tracking is done using GPS and GSM/GPRS technologies. GPS helps in fetching the location and then the location is sent to our system using GSM/GPRS. You can view the vehicle location and other information’s through our web based software.