Wiman Offers Portable RFID and Fixed RFID Solution, technology integrates with GPRS. Simple, scalable, and inexpensive, RFID adopters are leveraging the technology. RFID technology can be used to track products in a manner similar to using bar codes for identification; RFID has been used in a number of practical applications, such as improving supply chain management, Toll collection on roadways, Identify people, Inventory Management etc.,

We create, Offer solutions for School, Colleges, Company’s and solutions for specific application areas using the most relevant RFID Technologies. The software solutions together with RFID readers and tags selected to fit the needs of the application. RFID designs, develops, installs and integrates applications with other existing IT systems where needed.

Application Sectors :

Schools, Colleges Buses, Students Attendance

Hostel Management

Company Staff Management

Cab Pickup/Drop Management